Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

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Emergency Tree Services

If you require emergency tree services in Seattle for hazardous, storm-damaged trees, Tree People’s Certified Arborists can promptly and safely handle your emergency tree removal. Whether damage to your property has already occurred or a tree is posing an imminent threat, give us a call and we’ll go over your options.

Emergency tree removal

In the event a tree needs to be removed immediately, we can safely remove the entire tree from your property. Tree People also offers stump removal.

Broken Tree Limbs

When boughs break they pose an immediate danger to people and property. We will assess the damage, provide a recommendation, and remove the hazard.

Removal & clean up of toppled trees

We can remove the tree from your property, even if it falls on a house or structure. We will clean up branches and debris after a storm.

Preemptive Tree Emergency Services

We can inspect your potentially hazardous trees before a storm and install cables and/or braces if needed.

Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

Do I Need A Permit For Emergency Tree Removal?

On private property in Seattle, the answer is typically ‘No.’ However, exceptions do apply and checking with the city is advised. The City of Seattle says, “We regulate trees and vegetation removal on private property in certain situations.”

Sometimes a retroactive permit will be required.