Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

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Planting Trees in Seattle

Tree People is also a tree planting company that helps homeowners move, replace, and plant trees and shrubs. If you don’t already have something chosen, we will make recommendations for tree varieties that best fit your property, plants, landscape design, and city ordinances. Also taking into consideration your shading preferences, privacy needs and property size we will ensure the right tree goes in the right place. 



Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

Tree & Plant Delivery

We will source the tree or shrub for you, deliver and plant it. Our ISA Certified Arborists work with you through the entire process to make sure you and your property are taken care of and you get what you want.

How Much Do Trees Cost?

To give an accurate estimate we need to know the type of tree and the location you wish to have it planted. We have a few local nurseries we source from and we don’t mark up the cost of the trees.