Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

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Seattle Tree Removal Service

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured tree removal company serving the Seattle area. We specialize in hazardous tree removal and are experts in permitting with the City of Seattle. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Seattle

The cost to remove a Seattle tree varies based on the size and location of the tree your wish to remove. For a detailed tree removal quote one of our certified ISA arborists will take a look at your tree free of charge and make a recommendation. We email our estimates and take pride in sticking to our price. If your tree requires a permit, Tree People Tree Care will file your application with the City of Seattle for you.

Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle
Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

Tree Removal Process


  1. Inspection & Estimate. Tree People Tree Care comes to you, inspects the tree’s, and creates a detailed estimate of the cost for each line item of work. 
  2. Application. If a permit is required, we file an application with the City of Seattle and schedule upon approval.
  3. Removal. Our team of arborists will remove the tree. 
  4. Clean. Unless you want to keep the firewood and/or woodchips, we haul away all debris, detailed in the estimate.
  5. Stump Grinding. We will remove the stump if you choose, it is an additional service and may be done on a separate day.
  6. Tree Planting. If you choose to replant we can help you source an appropriate replacement tree, we can deliver and plant your new tree.

Seattle Tree Removal FAQs

Can I remove a city tree?

“You will need a permit if your proposed work involves removing and replacing a tree. If your proposed work involves major pruning, which includes pruning branches or roots that are larger than 2 inches or which comprise more than 15% of foliage-bearing area, a permit is required.” –

What is tree ordinance?

“A tree ordinance is a tool to help protect and manage a community’s trees. It can be designed to regulate various aspects of tree planting, removal, and maintenance on public and private property within a municipality.” –

What is an exceptional tree?

An exceptional tree is a “tree or group of trees that because of its unique historical, ecological, or aesthetic value constitutes an important community resource, and is determined as such by the Director according to standards and procedures promulgated by the Department of Planning and Development.”

“An exceptional tree is a tree that:

  1. Is designated as a heritage tree by the City of Seattle; or
  2. Is rare or exceptional by virtue of its size, species, condition, cultural/historic importance, age, and/or contribution as part of the grove of trees as determined by the method discussed below.” – Seattle Urban Forestry Commision