Firewood & Chip Delivery

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Chip Calculator & Request Form

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    Enter the length and width of the area you need covered in wood chips. The number of cubic yards of wood chips you need will be displayed below. Note this calculator assumes 3" depth
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About Chips:

Unless you are located in the immediate area of a job we cannot deliver loads smaller than 4 yards.

Arborist chips are not playground chips and contain a small amount of branch and leaf material.

Delivery of woodchips requires enough area to allow for chips to spill out of the back of a lifted dump bed. We do not unload chips by hand.

We will notify you of the amount prior to delivery. We cannot deliver partial loads.


About Firewood:

Firewood is generally unseasoned and in lengths of 16-18″ rounds and vary in size.

Excessively heavy pieces are cut so that one person can move them.

Delivery of wood requires enough area for rounds to spill out of a dump truck and not strike surrounding objects.

We will notify you of the amount of wood in the truck prior to delivery. We cannot deliver partial loads.