Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

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Tree Care & Maintenance Service

Tree People Tree Care is a tree maintenance company in Seattle. We take pride in providing prompt, quality service, and sticking to our estimates. We offer routine tree maintenance services to ensure the health and safety of your trees.

Tree Maintenance Plans

Tree maintenance plans are a great way to protect and maintain your trees. If you’d like have your trees serviced on an annual or semi-annual basis, schedule an estimate with us and we will create plan tailored to your trees. We will maintain your trees according to their seasonal timing. The scope of work may be greater on our first visit than in subsequent years as after our first visit your trees will now be well maintained. Below are some of the routine services we provide to Seattle homeowners.

Tree Thinning

Fine Pruning

Hedge Trimming

Cabling & Bracing

Root Pruning

Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

Signs of an Unhealthy Tree

There are many signs of an unhealthy tree.

  1. Leaning trees
  2. Unusual leaves
  3. No leaves, flowers, or fruit
  4. Excessive broken branches
  5. Unusual leaves
  6. Fungi growth that is not normal
  7. Shoots in the wrong place (like branches at the base of the tree)
  8. Obvious insects or signs of insects

If you have a tree that has any of these issues schedule a free tree inspection, we’re happy to give you recommendations on how to rehab you tree.