Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

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Tree Pruning Services Seattle

The Pacific Northwest is home to many species of native and non-native trees. Tree People cares for all varieties of trees and shrubs from delicate ornamentals to towering Douglas Firs. As ISA Certified Arborists, Tree People knows how to care for your trees and follows strict ISA guidelines for pruning in order to create healthy, beautiful trees. For tree species that require regular pruning, we provide annual maintenance plans if you wish to have your trees serviced on a schedule.

If your tree requires a Seattle pruning permit Tree People will handle all  City of Seattle permitting for you to ensure your trees are legally trimmed. The best way to find out if your trees need a permit is to request a complimentary tree inspection.

Removing a Dangerous Tree Over Lake Union in Seattle

Signs Your Tree Needs to be Pruned

    1. Dead or Diseased Branches: These are a clear sign your tree needs pruning. Branches that are dead or infested with pests can spread the disease to the rest of the tree, so it’s best to remove them promptly.

    2. Overcrowded Branches: If the branches of your tree are growing too close to each other, they can rub together and cause damage. They also might be blocking sunlight to the lower parts of the tree.

    3. Unbalanced Growth: If your tree is growing more on one side, it can become unbalanced and is at a higher risk of falling during a storm. Pruning can help restore balance.

    4. Low Hanging Branches: Branches that are too low can be a hazard, especially if the tree is near a pathway or driveway. They can also block sunlight to your lawn or garden.

    5. Excessive Growth: Trees that have grown too large for their space can encroach on buildings or power lines, which can be a serious safety concern.

    6. Suckers and Water Sprouts: These are shoots that emerge from the base of the tree or the trunk. They are often a sign of stress and can drain energy from the healthier parts of the tree.

    7. Signs of Stress: Wilted or discolored leaves, early leaf drop, or a thinning canopy can be signs of disease or stress, which might be mitigated by pruning.